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"Caring people clean my home, do my laundry and prepare and serve my meals. Others provide a wide variety of activities and necessary transportation. Help is quickly available for both my apartment and myself, and that is why I call Covenant Woods home.”   - Betty Jeanne A.

"The neighborhood I lived in was changing, and I no longer felt safe in my home. After a scary incident, my family found Covenant Woods for me. I am so happy they did! I still volunteer and do all the things I did before, but now I feel safe and secure.”   - Elaine W.

"Moving to Covenant Woods was a life changing decision for me. I had no idea what it would be like after living alone for many years. My apartment is perfect for me, and I was able to bring my favorite things from home. The staff is outstanding, and I have made many new friends.”   - Jo E.

"Dad has been at Covenant Woods for over one year. The new friends, caring staff, numerous activities and, of course, the quality of the meals have made this decision a very successful one. My Dad and I highly recommend Covenant Woods to anyone considering a retirement community. ”  - Rick G.